Good News, Condo Owners! We’ve Got You Covered

Condo owners, we are excited to announce we can help you protect your home. We now offer affordable and reliable South Carolina Condo Insurance!

What HO6 Insurance Covers

There are many different insurance policies to chose from depending on if you’re renting,  own a home, or own a condo. If you own a condo, you’re probably familiar with the concept of a “master insurance policy.” This is a policy your condo association usually has to protect the outside of your building. However, the coverage typically ends there. Condo owners are responsible for protecting the rest: from the walls of the structure to everything inside it.

That’s where condo insurance comes in. Also called an HO6 insurance policy, this insurance covers the interior of the unit and the personal property inside. For that reason, condo insurance is sometimes referred to as a walls-in or studs-in policy.

So imagine the roof of your building starts leaking. Water enters your dwelling and damages the ceiling and floors. Here’s how the incident might be handled from the insurance side of things:

  • The master policy covers the repair to the roof itself.
  • Your policy covers the damage to your floor and ceiling.

In addition to covering the interior of your condo, an HO6 policy also covers:

  • Protects your possessions from theft or damage, both inside and outside of your condo unit.
  • Additional coverage for your computer, smartphone, software, media, and peripheral devices.
  • Your personal liability for people injured in your home.
  • Extra protection for valuable jewelry items from loss or damage.

In other words, your condo insurance usually picks up where the condo association’s coverage leaves off.

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