With Halloween approaching us it’s time to start thinking about costumes! Here along the Grand Strand, there are a ton of Halloween events to take part in. Today we’re sharing with you 10 beach themed costume ideas to inspire you!


Add some fake blood and rips in clothing to make any of these costumes a bit more “zombie-ish” and add a spooky look!

1. Pirate

The South Carolina coast is full of pirate history! From Murrells Inlets Drunken Jack to Charlestons Blackbeard.

Needed: Eyepatch, striped or puffy shirt, bandana, and sword.


2. Hula Dancer

Okay so not made famous from the South Carolina coast, but still beachy!

Needed: grass skirt, coconut or shell bikini top (for the ladies), and a lei.


3. Tacky Tourist

This costume is super easy to pull off and you probably already have everything needed!

Needed: bright tropical shirt, straw hat, sunglasses, fanny pack, high socks, and some sandals.


4. Mermaid

This one you could have a lot of fun with! You can get really artsy and creative, or just keep it simple.

Needed: long skirt, shell or bikini top (or just a tank top will do), and some shells and pearls to glue on.


5. Surfer

Another super easy look to pull off! Especially if you live at the beach, then you probably already have everything you need!

Needed: board shorts or a wetsuit, and you could even hit up a beach store and find a little kickboard or something to carry around.


6. Scuba Diver

This one is simple too! Find a wetsuit and spray paint some 2L coke bottles to look like oxygen tanks!

Needed: wetsuit, 2L coke bottles, spray paint, and goggles.


7. Beach Animals

This option is almost endless. You could be anything, shark, fish, flamingo, jellyfish, crab, etc.


8. Lifeguard

Depending on if you want to go for a “Baywatch” look or keep it more modest, all you’ll need is either a red bathing suit or a red shirt that says “lifeguard” on it. Throw a towel around your neck and you’re all set!


9. Tropical Fruit

These costumes can be bought or a really easy DIY. This would be a really cute idea solo or with a group of friends all dressed as different fruit!


10. Palm Tree

Another super easy DIY. All you need is a tan or brown shirt/pants or dress, then make some green palm tree leaves! You could even wrap some party lights around, or hang a little hammock!